Tuesday, September 2, 2014

30 Day Challenge

I signed up for Leslie Sieta’s 30 paintings in 30 days challenge so I’m going to try to post every day this month, starting today.

Yesterday was the first and I did an abstract.  It’s actually non-representational but for most folks, it’s abstract so from here on that’s what I’ll be calling them.

everyday challenge 1

My first reaction was ugh, I don’t like this; however, the challenge doesn’t say we have to like everyone, just do it.  So, there you go.

Day two is done, actually I did two today.  One because it’s Tuesday and I always paint with plein air group on Tuesday morning.  When I finished the first one I decided I needed to do a second one.  No reason except that it seemed unfair to count one that I would have done anyway.  Yes, I do work on painting every day but I don’t do one start to finish every day and that’s what the challenge is.

day 2 first 1

So here is the second one I did today.

day 2

We were at Grand Haven Garden House today and they had several little still life set ups… It’s a fun place to paint.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

More Playing & Art Walk

I’ve been playing with mixed media, trying to take it a step further.  But that’s after I finished my Art Walk entry.

For those of you who aren’t from the area, Art Walk is a competition that runs at the same time and on the same order as Art Prize which is held in the fall in Grand Rapids.  Art Walk’s prize money is good, Art Prize money $400,000 plus.  But the downside of Art Prize from my perspective is that your work also has to be huge to even be noticed.

This year my venue for Art Walk is our Tri-Cities Historical Museum.  The piece I’m entering is “The Shack”

The Shack

It’s small, 8”x8”,  another mixed-media piece combining mono-print, collage and colored pencil.  I’m pleased with how this one come out and have more old building images that may get the same treatment.  I’m also thinking some of the old rowboat images I’ve used over the years may work as well.

On a day when I was doing the monoprinting I also tried doing people, I chose a photo I’ve been wanting to do something with for a very long time.  The monoprint alone didn’t work for me and I didn’t think the treatment I gave the buildings was going to work.

Finally, after watching a Carla O’Conner video, I decided to do a bit more experimenting.  I wasn’t going for the look, it was her technique that intrigued me.  I didn’t photograph the monoprint before doing anything else to it but here is stage two and three…


sis and sis startsis and sis wip

Now, again, I have to look at it awhile to decide… add more, take some away or call it done.  These two women were alike in so many ways and yet so very different.   Both expert stitchers, one practical, one fashionable,  I learned much from both of them, got some of the good genes too.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A visit to a delightful garden

I sketch with a group of friends/artists on Tuesday mornings.  In warm weather we are outside, sometimes even when it rains.  This week we had an opportunity to visit another friend’s beautiful gardens. 

Fortunately she has a porch with a view because rain it did and hard.  Here are a few shots I took before the rain started…. She had a variety of cone flowers, different colors in different beds…

cone flowers

And there were several spots to sit and enjoy a cuppa, or journal, or sketch.  This is just one of many.

a place to sit

A variety of sculpture, varied and scattered.  I only got this one before the rains started.

fun sculture

Possible still life material….

possible still life


And finally, my view from her porch….

rienes garden sketch

We have been invited back and will certainly take advantage of the invite, hopefully on a sunny day.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

An interesting artist and some new work in process and a bit of other stuff

I’m at Spider Lake for the week, it’s an annual thing, an art retreat with my friend and fellow artist Terry Hart Brancheau.  Yesterday we went in to town, Traverse City, for lunch with friends and a stop at the Dennos Museum to see the current exhibit.  We were blown away!

Seungmo Park is a Korean artist who works in metal.  This is one of the images that is several layers of wire mesh, each layer carefully clipped so the end result is what you see here….

Seungmo Park at the Dennos 1

And it’s huge, almost floor to ceiling.  You can see more of his wire mesh art here.  It’s worth a look, his work is amazing.  The following photo is Terry standing behind one of his landscapes.

terry at the dennos

There was also a Warhol exhibit and when Terry and I wandered into the children’s play area we found a fun motion detector that showed on a huge screen.  Here are a couple examples of us playing….

terry and liz at dennos 1terry and liz at dennos 2

We’ve also been making art.  On the first day I worked on more Little Gems, still not finished but progress.

little gems 8

And yesterday I did several more starts and collage papers….this is the the mess that is the first stage of most of my work these days.

Monday's clutter

And here are a few monoprints; the next step will be to add collage, my fake Chine-collé. 

beach cottage to collage house of many colors to collage

sis and sis to collage shack to collage

The buildings are wetcanvas images which artist have permission to use.  The two on the right are from Lisilk who always has photos I am drawn to.  You can see more of her work here. The two women, Sis and Sis, my mother and her sister and that’s what they always called each other.

What is Chine-collé you ask.  It’s  is a special technique in printmaking, in which the image is transferred to a surface that is bonded to a heavier support in the printing process.  It requires a press which I don’t have so I do the monoprint and then add collage. I have done it with a press, when my friend Annie still had her press.  This is a real Chine-collé

pear print chine collé small Okay, it’s time for me to get back to making art.  I’ll post again at the end of the week.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Progress on some tiny gems and other stuff


This is one I’m calling done…. for now anyway.  Family issues got in the way of studio time this past week, some good, some not.  However, I did get a little time in there so more progress. 

This one is at the “what the hell have I done now’' stage.


We’ll see where it ends up.  Moving on, I finished three postcards and have three that need a bit more work.


Another one in process and more starts using up the paint that was left on the palette.

6.27 2nd one

6.26 using up paint

And finally, after cropping a couple of pieces, leftover pieces find their way to note cards and I made a couple pair of earrings.


I like the note cards, I think I’ll do more of those.  I do end up with lots of pieces when I crop.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lesson learned, Little Gems and Some New Things


First, the lesson learned…. don’t wait, scan or photograph and download every day.  I haven’t done it since I returned from up north and it took me all morning to get images ready to post.

Now, Little Gems.  I’ve been looking at everything I did up north and trying to decide where to go next.  I had some I think I like but not sure and some that I knew I didn’t like but wasn’t sure where to go with them.  I finally decided all I could do was do something, anything, just start so here they are at a stage I’m happier with but still not sure they’re done.

circles 4x4 1

circles 2 4x4

circles 3 4x4

circles 4 4x4

I’ll have to look at them for awhile before I decide.

Meanwhile, I have been doing other things.  Do you believe your guardian angel puts things in your path?  I do.  When I was in Petoskey with my friend Terry, we were in a bookstore, not to buy, we just love being around books.  I happened upon something colorful, opened it up and discovered something I’ve been playing with ever since.  The book (which I bought) is Zenspirations.  Here is one of my first attempts…..

zendangle blues and greens

I love the dangles.  While the Zentangle phenomenon is fun, it’s more structured which just isn’t me.  This is structured but only slightly. 

And they are perfect for a new sketchbook I have.  Mike VerDuin of VerDuin’s Printing here in Grand Haven is a family friend, Rather than throw some paper away because they could no longer use it, he made a few sketchbooks and gave me one.  It’s great paper for pen and ink and just a bit of watercolor, perfect for the dangles.  It has become my morning practice.  Today I did one that allows for journaling too.

photo 4

Now, back to work and I will try to remember to scan or photograph at the end of the day.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Progress???? and a tree trunk

I love the texture or old tree trunks; this one is at the end of our walkway here at Bay Harbor

2014-06-11 19.28.43

One of these days I’m going to start a series of tree trunks and sidewalk cracks.

I’m not sure where these are going but here are a few.  I don’t think any of them are done yet,  I’ll be packing up to head back home tomorrow.  Maybe when I get them out again I’ll know what’s next.

2014-06-12 15.47.12

Now it’s time for a glass of wine…..